Creating a world where women are full of confidence with their bodies.

Our Goal

Lumivivi is about helping women to be confident, because confident women are assertive women and can live without anyone's consents.

They are women who ditch body hatred and build on body confidence, empowerment and self-love, inspire confidence and embrace body positivity.

They discover what makes them feel energized and do more. They celebrate their bodies and make the world a better place.

Our Commitment

Lumivivi is keeping up with the trends, has now expanded into shapewear outer-wearing fashion scene, but our obsession with comfort, effectiveness, aesthetics and style remains the same.

Each garment is designed by our in-house team and rigorously tested on real women to ensure the highest quality and performance without compromising aesthetics.

Our products are a true labor of love, and that love extends to our planet and community. We work to reduce packaging waste and create garments that are durable and eco-friendly - rather than ending up in landfills.

Our Mission

Our products are carefully selected, designed for your already perfect body, but if you need, we'll meet your satisfaction to help you build up confidence. So you can spend more time enjoying life without worrying about the fit of your clothes.

We believe women deserve clothing that is both comfortable and high-performance—without sacrificing style, beauty, and the freedom to express themselves freely.

We are tired of physical hatred. The shapewear industry often sells shapewear as a "solution" or "your little secret" to hide body "flaws" or "flaws." For decades, women have been told they are not good enough.

Women should love and show off their bodies instead of hiding them. With lumivivi, shapewear is no longer a "secret" or something to be ashamed of. Women can loudly and proudly wear shapewear casually because it ends up being pretty.

Our shapewear products are designed to stand out, draw you in the right spot, and give you the support, confidence and comfort you need to feel your best.